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Jet City Capital Management LLC has grown from a boutique real estate investment company to a full service asset and brand management firm.  Over the past three years, we have launched three brands and expanded our real estate & construction operation.


Our leadership is experienced and hands on when it comes to managing each facet of our business model. Our operational strategy is driven by our experience, real-time data interpretation, and informed speculation.  We strive to operate in those grey areas of limited regulation while maintaining our honesty, integrity, and high moral character.



  • Debt & Equity Offerings


  • Rental Income Cash Flow

Asset Management


  • Rehab + Infill = Value


  • Cash Flow & Building Long Term Wealth



  • Valuation &  Analysis


  • Aquisitions & Financing

  • Customized Marketing Solutions

Construction + Rehab


  • Construction Management 


  • Zoning & Land Use

  • Design & Architecture

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